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The first preview of hot young competitive bodybuilder Timothy K.

(21) from Pumping went over pretty well when I posted a preview of him jerking off in the shower last week. I’ve edited it down to 6 minutes just to show a preview of some of my favorite parts.

I don’t think he intended to be fully nude the entire time nor jerking off in the shower inside a hotel room.

He also seemed to be really uncomfortable getting his body rubbed on by the camera man.

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So here is a little more of him for you guys to enjoy. Don’t worry, I think they are the best parts and lead up to the shower scene that you see in the first Timothy K. My Opinion After Watching Entire Video If you ever get a chance to watch the first video in full, you’ll see that it started off as a legitimate “documentary” where he was to show off his routine, pose for pictures, and get interviewed.

At least that’s as far as he thought it was going to go.

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