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All of this might seem ‘tame’ by today’s standards, but I can only imagine how strange it would have been back in the 1920s.One of the most interesting segments of the film is where we are shown a longer story of a family whose female members are, one by one, accused of being witches and are put to trial.One scene shows the old witch giving birth to children fathered by the devil – grotesque demons with spiny and furry bodies.The costumes are slightly disturbing, and seem even more so because they’re viewed silently.Further into the film, we are introduced to a witch who brews up a tasty love potion for a woman who seeks the affections of a chaste monk.In this part, we see the devil for the first time in the film, and he is actually really scary.The sets and costume design are equal parts beautiful and creepy, and are impeccably detailed.

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In , the production has made great use of the limited technology available.

Even though nowadays the concept of ‘hysteria’ is slightly dated in the mental health world, this was an excellent way to bring together the ancient and the modern in order to gain a better understanding of how the two could be correlated.

As the film so aptly summarises: is an interesting and informative silent work, at times it can be quite slow.

Later in the film, that monk, having seemingly fallen in love with the young woman, claims that she has put a spell on him and that she is probably also a witch.

One of the aspects that I appreciated about the film is that it gives the space to allow the viewer to make their own conclusions about such issues.

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