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At the time of her death, on August 31, 1997, Princess Diana had come to have no privacy whatsoever.

Take this recording of a private phone conversation with James Gilbey.

The world of the British upper classes is very different from the world of international celebrity, but Brown knows both milieus well.

She spent time with Diana and has met Charles, and her book is, among other things, a miracle of access (from the first page: “It was gracious of Prime Minister Tony Blair to see me and share his reflections on Diana”).

(“There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”) But the nub of what she said had the feeling of truth, and has it still: Diana married too young, her husband never loved her, and the Royal Family gave her no support.

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It was called “The Mouse That Roared” and caused a furor in the British press, in the course of painting a picture that is still vivid: Diana, she wrote, “spends hours cut off in her Sony Walkman, dancing on her own to Dire Straits and Wham!She tells the story fluently, with engrossing detail on every page, and with the mastery of tone which made her The story is, not surprisingly, all about class, which is to say, tribe and caste.When Diana Spencer first appeared in public, she looked like a pretty but essentially generic Sloane Ranger, a member of the affluent upper-middle classes whose mores were a favorite journalistic staple in Britain during the early nineteen-eighties.The lovers’ chat featured the following exchange: The tape in question seems to have been rebroadcast on a cellular frequency, where amateur scanners could encounter it, and several copies were handed to the newspapers.It has been argued that the recording must have been made by members of the British security services, as part of a P. battle shaping up between Diana and her husband, Prince Charles.

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