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The Greek cothon refers to a Carthaginian type of fortified basin that can be seen at ancient sites such as Motya. More recently, some English speakers hypercorrect and attempt to pronounce it as the Spanish, similarly to the British version of "Ibiza", leading to pronunciations of Cádiz with /s/ or /θ/ instead of /z/, but keeping the English vowels and the strong /d/.According to a 2016 census estimate, the population of the city of Cádiz was 118.919 (the second most populated of the province after Jerez de la Frontera with 212.830 inhabitants), and that of its metropolitan area was 629,054. In recent years, the city's population has steadily declined; it is the only municipality of the Bay of Cádiz (the comarca composed of Cádiz, Chiclana, El Puerto de Santa María, Puerto Real, and San Fernando), whose population has diminished.Uno de los primeros pasos requiere que se esté inscripto en el Regristro de Importadores y Exportadores. Si el interesado efectúa los trámites a través de un tercero, la firma debe estar certificada por escribano público.

While the Old City's street plan consists of narrow winding alleys connecting large plazas, newer areas of Cádiz typically have wide avenues and more modern buildings.

In its inhabited areas, Cádiz is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe.

The uninhabited Zona Franca industrial area, Bay of Cádiz Port Area, and Bay of Cádiz Natural Park occupy 63.63% of the municipal area.

It is the capital of the province of Cádiz, one of eight which make up the autonomous community of Andalusia.

Cádiz, regarded by many as the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe, with archaeological remains dating to 3100 years, It is also the site of the University of Cádiz.

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