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Encanto Blvd., Phoenix, AZ Registration Details Course Date: November 9, 2017 Time: 1pm-5pm Location: Arizona Department of Public Safety (East Classroom) Address: 2010 W.

Go here for an interactive Map of Tow Firms Tow Trucks Towing firms under agreement with DPS shall have and maintain its tow truck(s) in accordance with all applicable sections of A. Towing firms' tow trucks shall also: - have completed DPS tow truck inspection application on file with DPS - have identification requirements that are not interchangeable from one tow truck to another tow truck - e.g., use of temporary and/or magnetic type identification are expressly prohibited - be properly maintained, mechanically sound and roadworthy - have adequate supplies of road safety devices - e.g., safety flares, lights, reflective highway stands, etc.

This law is to protect stranded motorists, road and highway workers, roadside-assistance providers, emergency responders and law enforcement officers.

District Map TSA Enrollment Period shall open the day of the Open Enrollment announcement and close a minimum of 14 calendar days thereafter.

The agreement ensures statewide consistency in the interpretation and enforcement of its terms and conditions.

The TSA also ensures that towing firms used by the Department are competent to respond to calls with minimal time delays. If you see flashing lights, it is the law to move over one lane to allow for additional space or, if you are unable to move over due to other vehicles, you must slow down, or you can face a fine of at least 0.

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