Demonoid ratio not updating 2016

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- v4.0.3 - BUGFIX: Add height padding to the transfer list icons. (sledgehammer999) - BUGFIX: Allow to drag-n-drop URLs into mainwindow to initiate download. This was the v3_3_x default and should sustain higher speeds. (Chocobo1) - PERFORMANCE: Stop logging IP filter parsing errors after a while, otherwise the GUI freezes or q Bittorrent doesn't start. Rows in transfer list shouldn't flicker anymore.(Chocobo1) - BUGFIX: Fix crash when fitlering search results. Closes #7952.(Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Fix missing qbt logo on login page in web UI. (Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Add check to avoid type error after logout. This is to avoid browser being smart to prefetch the link then logging out the user. (Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Fix build when webui is disabled. (glassez) - RSS: Implement Import/Export RSS rules in legacy(aka v3_3_x) format.Seule l’info est envoyée au site web, votre connexion n’est donc pas saturée par l’envoi, vous pouvez donc télécharger a cœur joie sans vous soucier de votre ratio!!Voici comment réaliser ce hack: Le tutoriel a été ré-adapté a la mise a jour 1.9.1 de Ratio Master.(Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Add Web Ui\Address config option.(Matthew Fioravante) - WEBUI: Reinitialize web UI server when "IP address" setting changed. (Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Improve log and error messages (Chocobo1) - SEARCH: Use explicit class for search plugin versions (evsh) - SEARCH: Remove all search plugins from repo.(Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Add copy options to webui context menu (addresses #6815) (#7036) (Tom Piccirello) - WEBUI: Set torrent location from webui context menu (addresses #6815) (#7062) (Tom Piccirello) - WEBUI: Add option to rename torrent from Web UI (Thomas Piccirello) - WEBUI: Add auto torrent management to webui context menu (addresses #6815) (Thomas Piccirello) - WEBUI: Option for "Create subfolder" when adding new torrent.(thalieht) - WEBUI: Fix add Paused wrong default behavior.

(Matthew Fioravante) - WEBUI: Exit gracefully when failed to initialize web server with qbt-nox (Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Add file-to-piece-index mappings in /query/properties Files command (Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Add optional parameters for /command/download & /command/upload (Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Print error messages upon receiving invalid header fields.(glassez) - WINDOWS: Fixed blurry text under Windows by setting DPI awareness to default. (Evgeny Lensky) - v4.0.1 - BUGFIX: Fix crash on opening torrent/magnet (uninitialized pointer). (sledgehammer999) - BUGFIX: Enable preferences Apply button when ip banlist is modified (Thomas Piccirello) - BUGFIX: Allow drag-n-drop magnet links to mainwindow. (Chocobo1) - BUGFIX: Fix crash when aborting a torrent creation process. (Chocobo1) - BUGFIX: Correctly check if torrent passed during application start already exists.(sledgehammer999) - WEBUI: Add ip subnet whitelist for bypassing webui auth (Thomas Piccirello) - WEBUI: Fix logo missing in login page (Chocobo1) - COSMETIC: Fix english typo.(Chocobo1) - WEBUI: Fix Web UI is not reachable via IPv6. (Heiko Becker) - RSS: Fix build because of missing header. (glassez) - RSS: Implement Import/Export RSS rules in JSON format. (Chocobo1) - v4.0.2 - BUGFIX: Fix crash on some systems when creating address object for (sledgehammer999) - PERFORMANCE: Change Mixed Mode Algorithm default to TCP.

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