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No expense was spared in its making and each episode is of blockbuster film quality.

The tremendous attention to detail is astonishing and the producers went to great lengths to be as accurate and close to reality as possible.

first aired and it remains an incredibly visceral and evocative piece of war drama.

Over the course of its ten episodes, the series allows us to become immersed in the difficult and often terrifying experiences the men of Easy Company faced during World War Two and brings into sharp focus the brutal and horrific reality of armed conflict. This company was widely regarded as one of the most effective outfits in the US military, a fact that was reflected in their incredible tour of duty throughout the conflict.

It's a fitting portrayal of the man who helped forge Easy into the hugely effective unit they became and whose own personal journey is central to the series.

As the episode comes to an end and the men finally ready for their D-Day landings on a bleak English airstrip, the director of this episode, Phil Alden Robinson, does a great job of hammering home the palpable tension the soldiers faced as they waited for the final confirmation that their flight was going ahead.

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When the series first entered into production, Hanks and Spielberg had just come off the incredibly successful , took that crown.

One of the series’ real masterstrokes is the use of real Easy Company veterans to provide insight before each episode.

At this stage you do not know the name of each of the elderly soldiers but nevertheless, their presence serves as a timely reminder that what you are watching is based on real life experiences and the events that unfold were something that real men had to suffer through.

After being cast in the series, the actors themselves were put through a brutal ten-day boot camp courtesy of Dale Dye which included tiresome sixteen-hour days and vigorous weapons training.

In the ‘making-of’ featurette found on the series’ boxset, the actors comment on how much of a bonding experience this challenging regime was for them all.

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