Aquarius women are intimidating

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The Aquarius woman is independent and knows her mind.She knows her heart and mind and will do what she thinks is right even in the face of the strongest opposition.As an animal totem, the badger provides us with many empowering symbols: determination, eagerness, strategy, strong will, focus, and confidence, to name a few.The badger is stubborn and strong-willed by nature, even though its physical presence is not very intimidating.Regardless of its size, the badger animal totem commands attention and respect in the natural world, symbolizing that we can do the same.However, we are meant to do this in a much friendlier and more constructive manner and do not require the literal fierceness of a badger.

It often presents itself to individuals who struggle with this and who need some encouragement to finish things that he/she starts.

She is an equalitarian, who treats everyone equal no matter what background, age or financial status.

She makes friends easily as she is very loyal and caring.

They are comfortable being alone and relying on themselves as independent people.

With persistence, we can use the symbolism of the badger to find a cure to any problem or difficulty.

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