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For more thorough coverage, take a look at the articles quoted above or check out the guidelines for yourself at Health Canada's web site.More research demonstrates the high importance of Insite, a harm reduction medical agency for injection drug users.Harper's new program will require Canada to "invest as much as million a year in projects across the Americas that combat the illicit drug trade, corruption, human trafficking, and other regional problems." Nearly half a million dollars (0,000) "will go to Mexico to help fight its drug war." Thus, as part of his attempt to "help" Mexico fend off cartels, Harper has authorized Canadian Mounties to "train 300 mid-level Mexican police officers with the help of the United States and other countries.

The kits, which are also distributed - though differently - in Prince George and Toronto, "include a mouth piece and a push stick," which advocates say could help reduce "the transmission of communicable disease[s]" like Hepatitis C; as the Bulletin states, "research has shown that crack pipes can carry hepatitis C-positive blood." The kits will be distributed "through the same agencies distributing needles for drug injection" and can be provided at a negligible cost to taxpayers.As Salem News reported on May 14, 2009 ("Canada: Feds to Pay for Military Veterans['] Medical Marijuana"), Canada's "federal government has decided to pay for medical cannabis for some veterans" in a reversal of Canadian Veterans' Affairs' previous ban on doing so.The policy is not all-inclusive, nor is it perfect; as Salem states, "Payments can be made only to veterans licensed by Health Canada to possess medical marijuana, and who buy government-certified cannabis." Additionally, the Drug War Chronicle reports that "Only about 3,000 of the estimated 400,000 people who use medical marijuana in Canada are licensed through Health Canada, and only a small fraction of them obtain their marijuana from Health Canada." Furthermore, "Patients and advocates have long complained that Health Canada's sole-source monopoly marijuana is of low quality" ("Canada: Veterans Affairs to Cover Medical Marijuana Expenses").According to The Globe and Mail October 6, 2008 article, ("Insite Saves Two To 12 Lives A Year, Study Says") "Vancouver's supervised injection site, where addicts can use illegal drugs in a clean, staffed medical clinic, prevents two to 12 overdose deaths a year, according to a new research study.Researchers arrived at their findings after evaluating more than 1,000 overdoses over a four-year period at Vancouver's Insite clinic.

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